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Want to become a published author?


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Jeff said it would be ok to post this.


Would you like to become a published author and make some great income at the same time? 3DATS is looking for anyone interested in writing about any 3D software in use today. We are looking for new ideas and welcome submissions in any area of 3D and with any software. Writing can be geared towards the visualization or entertainment industries.


Anyone interested is asked to submit the following tentative information directly to 3dsupport@3dats.com:



  • Title of book
  • Software to be discussed
  • Page count
  • Expected date of completion
  • Table of Contents
  • A one page description of what the book will be about and why the book is needed
  • A list of competitive titles
  • Author bio
  • Author URL (if available)


3DATS guarantees that compensation will be several times more than that provided by any other publisher. Standard industry rates mean that authors typically make only 8-10% of wholesale prices. For a book that retails for $50, the wholesale price is $25, and an author's commission will generally be no more than $2.50 per book. This is why so few authors continue republish existing books.


3DATS can offer much greater compensation because we do not use resellers or wholesalers. We only sell the books ourselves, and while we sell fewer books than we would with resellers and distributors, we are able to generate a far greater profit margin per book.


3DATS can offer a guaranteed lump sum amount to be paid in several increments through the writing of the book, or a % of gross sales. More information regarding compensation can be discussed after we receive a submission.


3DATS also guarantees much more control by the author as to the content of the book. Most publishing companies attempt to dictate the content of the writing even when they know nothing about the subject. We will never attempt to control more than the formatting of the book.


Anyone interested is asked to submit the above requested tentative information directly to 3dsupport@3dats.com

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Such a great idea. I always wanted to write a book. You definitely beat me in the 3dsmax arena with your amazing books, and I know nothing else, but I wish someone like you gave me such an opportunity a few years back, I would have done a great job, especially before I moved here and depression settled in.

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if you're highly skilled in Max, don't let our current books prevent you from submitting ideas for new books. i could come up with a dozen different titles myself about areas/industries/procedures etc that Max can be used in that our current titles don't cover thoroughly enough. for example, someone has submitted an idea for an entire book on building one character from start to finish..like the book we're working on dealing with one visualization project from start to finish. personally, i don't know nearly enough about character animation to write a book about it. another has submitted an idea about writing a book solely about texturing. i know i would personally love to find someone to write a book like Jeremy Birn's Digital lighting and Rendering. http://www.3drender.com/jbirn/index.html. i tried to hire him to write a similar book but he was under contract with his current publisher.


there are so many areas that an experienced Max user could write something worthwhile about. and they don't all need to be 500+ pages either.

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