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render time tooo long for bouquet of flowers


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hi friends ....


I render just table with bouquet of flowers over .. and the render not finish for 24 hours then I stop it there is something wrong ..I use max 2009 and vray ..pc specs. : intel core 2 Quad 2.6Hz , 4GB ram

I try render without flower its pretty fast .how to render this bouquet of flower with the scene ..


anybody can help? thanx for reading :)

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sounds like you have some funky geometry or crazy shaders

can you give a few more details;

What renderer are you using? Mental ray, v-ray?

can you post an image? should give us an idea of what is happening


I use vray ,u can see the render settings & scene from attachment image .

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I'm guessing you didnt model the flowers yourself.. so it's probably a shader/material issue.


Apply a standard material to the flowers and render. If it renders fine, then it's confirmed. From then on, apply your own materials one by one so you know your settings. Try not to use reflections/refractions unluess camera is really close-by.

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