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Spline axis contrants/snap broken


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I went away on paternity leave, got back and people have been messing with my max.


My axis contraints and snapping doesn't work anymore when I creat a line and then try to move the vertices. I used to be able to contrain the movement to an axis and snap to a point pependicular. SO i could line points up along an axis.


Wokrs fine for soilds its just my splines.


Please help me, please...

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If you right click on the red magnet with a little 3 next to it you can set endpoint, midpoint, vertex etc snaps.


The axis constraint is along that toolbar a bit and has a little red magnet with XY on it, depress that and it'll activate axis constraints. Then use the X, Y, Z, XY etc buttons before this to lock to certain axis, or hover over your XYZ gizmo in the viewport to automatically enable that axis.


Hope that helps.

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Thanks James


I got all that and it works fine for a solid object.


I can move the object, restricted to an axis and have it snap perpendicular to anther object some way off. All good.


Its with my spline vertices that the functionality has stopped working.

Even when I click the button to lock the axis contraint, when I go to move the vertex, it turns off and I can move the vertex wherever I want unconstrained.


Also theer is a little grey box around the vertex when I select it, turns yellow when I move. This is not present in my 32 bit version of max which works fine.


Seems to be a problem with axis contraints more than snap, I can move the vertex if I first select it then pull it around using the x or y arrow, but I need to select the verted position in order to snap it to another on the same axis.

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