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VRAY 3ds lighting issue.


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Hello all,


My issue is not with an architecture related model, but i really need someones help who knows lighting pretty well! and with the #'s of lights that are needed for architectural details, i believe ill find my answer here.


I have a shirt model, 3ds with 1 direct light source. The material i use is wine red. looks ok in 3ds, until ofcoruse vray has a go at it :) when the rendering comes out, the red shirt is more like a pink/rose shirt.


similarly if i use orange as the material color (deep orange) i get yellow...


Im running out of ideas, either i have an issue with the direct light itself,,, or something has not been configured correctly in vray...


any ideas that someone can throw at me from the top of their head?

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Try using a vray colour in your shirt material colour slot.


I assume you are using GI in vray and you are not when you say "3ds." This will be having an effect, lightening the material. Try altering the environment overide colour until you get the desired effect.


If you use a colour in your direct light this has a effect on the colour of your materials.


Check your gamma setting in customize - preferences - gamma and lut.

Unless you want to use gamma work flow then turn it all off.

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thank you for the suggestions.


I do not have a lot of exp with any of this, my renderer is on vacation and this project was creeping into the final hours before his flight, he handed me the file and said. mess with it and just click on render all. He used the timeline to bring various materials and components in view so that it batch renders.


Im installing the software on one of my machines so that i can have a go at it.

il give hsv exponential a try first as i looked at something on google, i cant post urls yet :) and its quite possible thats what it is...


I will also have a go at using a vray color instead of the tileable materials (solids and patterns).


im trying to recall if he used color in the direct light...


we tried playing with gamma before he left., i think i exported that, let me look for it.


ill post some images

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