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Tree Storm and Max upgrades


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Well like a lot I presume, we purchased tree storm two years ago.

As soon as we bought it, Autodesk brought out an upgrade under subscription.


Tree I am on max 2010, and I am bit fed up with this process.

Money being very very tight, no money for upgrades.

What can I do.

A reall pain to say the least.


I have a full Aerial model to do, and the evermotion trees proxied look terribile and do not look beefy enough from the air.


Any suggestions?



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Forest Pack lite is great for scattering trees across a surface but you can't vary the tone or vertical placement of the trees unless you purchase the pro version. I'm in a similar position where money is tight for upgrades. meaning the the two im after (growfx and forest pro) are out at the moment.


For simlar reasons, as much as onyx is great its a little pricey and the constant upgrade cycle you mentioned is a simple no no at the moment.


This is a very rudimentary way of solving the problem but if your at a large enough distance you could simply double up the evermotion trees to get the "beefy" canopy your looking for.


Start with one tree,

select the canopy and duplicate it,

Rotate the selection to avoid co planar faces,

proxy the denser tree.


Its quick and dirty but should work and look good from a distance. Hope that helps.

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