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Aligning Transform Gizmo with Extruded Line


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Hi - need a little help with something that is driving me crazy. I imported a ACAD floor plan for a retail store into Max2010 and used the line drawing to trace with the line tool and then extrude a lot of the fixtures (the fixtures are all positioned at random angles).


Now my issue is all of the transform gizmos are not aligned with the objects - even changing to Parent or Local does not affect the pivot alignment. I also tried using the Working Pivot to see if I could work around it that way but had no luck.


Any ideas on how to get the transform gizmo aligned with the geometry?




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In Hierarchy tab, with IK button -> Affect Pivot Only you can apply the align command on the gizmo only...


...and align that gizmo to, for example a Tape (helper object) that you drew on one of the objects sides.


Another method:


draw a tape object aligned one of that objects edges (or aligned to anything you want your gizmo to be aligned)


select the object you want to move


select the move tool (or whatever tool you need)


from Reference Coordinate System choose pick


select the tape object you previously created


now your object's gizmo will be aligned to the tape's, and the tape object will be available in the reference coordinate system along with View, World, Local etc. if you delete that tape object, it will no longer be available in the reference coordinate system list.


I hope this helps

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