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Graphic cards for SketchUp

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here's what you wanna do.


Get 12 GB of memory on your workstation (24gb is even better), partition a couple gigs of it as a virtual drive (*there are $30 programs with 30 day trials that will do this) then copy your sketchup files to that partitioned 'hard drive space'


launch your 100 mb + sketchup files from there and they will run like butter. or at least they will compared to what your used to.


However, watch out when you restart your comp cause memory will obviously be erased, and it's important to re-save your sketchup file to a hard drive beforehand.




PS. this thread is obviously about graphics cards, but I'm guessing you're asking the question because you'd like better performance from your sketchup files. My suggestion is to go this route instead of looking to graphics cards for the solution. Back when we were testing graphics card to improve sketchup performance, the diff was nill from the $500 card up to the $3000 card.


just my 2c from experience... take it for what it's worth... it was just over a year ago now...

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Manoj: You are correct. SketchUp was designed to run on systems with graphics cards.


Were you wondering what graphics card you need? Anything from ATI/AMD or nVidia that's not the bottom of the line. No shared memory or HyperMemory or TurboCache garbage (except where there's already 512MB on the card and the shared is just for showing off) and a decent GPU. A Radeon 4850 is a really excellent value in OpenGL performance.

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