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I work as a system designer in a finnish company that develops CAD-software.


I have a special interest in usability of CAD software and therefore I am keen to read from this forum what kind of problems people have with their CADs. Of course I'm also interested to know what are the features that designers most like about their software.


I am a designer not a salesman, so I'm not trying to sell our CADs here. Having said that, I won't be shy about promoting our own products when they seem to be right tools for the job :)


Pardon my english, it's not my native tong ;)

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that's a bit of a broad subject to answer in one post, but pointless annual upgrades without any real measurable gain in productivity would be one of my problems i suffer with from my CAD software of choice.


can you guess which one i'm talking about ?


best of luck though, and welcome. perhaps over time you will get the answers you are looking for.

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Heh, nice answer. I think I know which software you're referring to :)


I don't expect to get answers in one post, but somewhere in the process of following this and other forums. After all, learning is a lifetime long process ;)


Let's hope that the CAD software of your choice will get some meaningful upgrades in the future :)

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Yeah, that's a good suggestion. I will forward it to marketing people and maybe we'll get actual work videos of tabula soon to youtube.


There is a 1 hour long tutorial video included in JCAD tabula (also in trial version) which shows actual use. Maybe we can take some parts of it and post them on Youtube.


Thanks for the tip and warm welcome!

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