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Music is a big inspiration source for me, what i would like to know about you guys is what music you like and what bands.. And all for inspiration.


My favorites:





Gonzalo Rubalcaba


Rick Wakeman

Dream Theater

70's music

Deep purple

Thin Lizzy

Led Zeppelin

etc etc.....


and ofcourse Meshuggah... allmost forgot..


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well, being a blues guitarist, anything with a guitar will do. specifically -


Eric Clapton

Buddy Guy

Rory Gallagher

Pink Floyd

Roger Waters

Martyn Joseph (local Penarthian singer/songwriter)

Manic Street Preachers (Welsh band)


These are my usual playlisters:)

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Yes, music.......I have a variety of tastes, from latinoamerican music (native) to Rock, Rave and HipHop. People like:



Victor Jara

Silvio Rodrigues

Pablo Milanes

Music from the Andes (Instrumental)



Rage Against the Machine



-HipHop R&b & Others-

The Roots

MosDef (Blackstar)

Tupac Amaru Shakur

Bob Marley

Jill Scott

Eryka Badu

Lauryn Hill


Inspiration comes from listening to HipHop & R&B. HipHop is the love of my life. biggrin2.gif I bet I'm the only one. :confused:

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Emma shaplin


Some Torva ( silvio rodrigues, Fernando delgadillo, Alberto Plaza. etc )

Some music of Cirque du soleil



chemical Bros.


Kylie Minogue


Cesaria Evora



Heroes del Silencio


and some of my 2500 mp3´s

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Ow... here we go...



about everything... we got a supplier of 'brilliant classics' in the neighbourhood, so we can buy almost everything at about 1€/cd

Although this is very cheap, I've spend serious amounts of money to buying all - complete! -symphonies/concertos/sonates/chamber music/opera's/masses of almost every great composer like bach, shostakovich, mahler, schubert, brahms, beethoven, mendelssohn , puccini, verdi, grieg, sibelius, tchaikovsky, haydn, scarlatti, liszt, chopin, dvorak, rachmaninoff, vivaldi, ravel, debussy, handel,...

I do like arvo part, holst, the chamber music of brahms (clarinet!) and the impromptuus from schubert best tho...


*boogie woogie:

jay mcshann, pinetop perkins, fats waller, sammy price, maede lux lewis, albert ammons, jelly roll morton,...



Klaus Schulze, Michael Hoenig, Air, Jean Michel Jarre, Edgar Froese (but not too much of tangerine dream)


*rock: pink floyd, alan parsons project, yes, the beatles


*rock'n roll/swing/jazz: benny goodman, dave brubeck



jorge reyes, robert rich, steve roach, o yuki conjugate, vidna obmana, kitaro, fax-label



ozric tentacles



union jack, astralasia, eat static, plasticman, autocreation


*pop: (great dancesongs) jennifer lopez, geri halliwell...


*rnb: absolutely NOT!


I don't do mp3. I got lot's of them, but I hardly listen to them because I got a real huge cd-collection...





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