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HEy guys are any of you guys going on vacation??

And where are you going. I'll be gone for the next two weeks hehehe... Going to France, swimming pool, a big estate, drinking cocktails, and playing 70's music with four other guys..


Hope you don't miss me..hehe I sure as heaven not gonna miss you guys!!!! well okay, a little bit...


[ June 27, 2002, 05:20 AM: Message edited by: quizzy ]

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yeah, go on, off you go, enjoy urself. dont worry about us lot :mad:


seriously tho, have a nice time :)


dunno where me and mrs.strat are off to this year.

maybe a long weekend trip to Newyork - i'd love to goto the States. Also we're looking to going to Poland over the christmas break maybe.


just so damn busy in work at the mo to even think about it.

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Vacations......Yes! I have already started the countdown. One more month and I'll be chilling in the Mexican Caribbean (Hey Victor & Sergio Sanz Pont, Tulum and CanCun are calling me! I'll see you there :cool: ).....I haven't been in Mexico since 1999....I'll be visiting family in Mexico City, Michoacan, and Tabasco. I'll be leaving on July 26th. biggrin2.gif Hopefully I'll be heading back around August 12th.....Only 2 weeks. :( (I would like to stay there at least one month). Yes I know, is sad but this is the reality that US workers got to face :mad: . I'll post pictures of my trip. biggrin2.gif


[ June 27, 2002, 01:14 PM: Message edited by: CHE ]

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