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am i obsessed?


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just wondering here -


personally i love my job so much. infact if i won the lottery i'd probably do my job for free, thats how much i love doing architectural CGI. money is far from great, but hey, fullfilling work is more important than money imho.


Now out of all my friends, m8s, family etc, i seem to be the only person who does love their job.

I walk around in out in public looking at buildings because i love shape or form or detailing or whatever. I look at buildings to see how the texturing works. I look at buildings and wonder how i might re-create that GI or simulate that bit of lighting when i get back to my pc.


These things are always uppermost in my mind. i always (as much as i can) carry a camera with me incase something that really takes my inspiration comes along.


Most of my m8s in the pub talk about the usual - cars, women, soccer etc... but never their jobs. most ppl cant wait till friday comes to get away from their place of work.


me on the other hand, i cant wait till monday morning!


ok, maybe im slightly going overboard here, but the upshot is i love what i'm doing and constantly thinking about new ideas and methods to fullfill my working life.


Am i alone here or do you guys feel similar? i suspect you do else why would you be in this proffesion?

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If everyone did their job as you do and I do, the world would be a much better place.

The only thing that is a big nono for me is to talk about work when I'm with friends in a pub or when I'm talking to chicks biggrin2.gif ... Girls just don't like "computer knerds" as we are often wrongly being called.. :mad:

And I also have another passion: music (I play keyboards) all my friends are musicians too..

And it comes in handy when talking to girls, they all understand music but don't have a clue when you're talking about GI, Raytrace, SuperSampling, Anti-aliasing etc etc.... biggrin2.gif

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I'm with you STRAT, that's why I started this site. :) While it may be a business now, it was never started with that intention, that was done out of neccesity to keep it running. While many I have spoken to are in architecural CG, most have aspirations of doing Hollywood FX and chracter animation instead, but I'd rather do architectural rendering. Not to say doing Hollywood FX wouldn't be fun, but I like architecture all the same.

I wish I could say I loved my current job though. I used to have the same enthusiasm as you and looked forward to Monday mornings, unfourtunatly I've goten so bored with what I do at SMED, that I no longer have that motivation. I think the lack of variety, no time for experimentation or trying anything new has really ruined it for me.

Which is why I work 60-80 hours weeks so that I can do freelance that actually requires some thought and is challenging.


Anyway, sign me up for your "Obsessed" club 'cus I'm hooked. ;)


[ June 14, 2002, 07:53 AM: Message edited by: Jeff Mottle ]

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k, names for my 'obsessed club' being added to the list:)


jeff - yeah, how wouldn't we all like a bash at hollywood special fx using cgi? but hey, my ideal topic is buildings im sorry. not hollywood films buildings, but in-at-the-blunt-end day to day real architect's designs.


quizzy - you're right, shop talk in the pub is a definate no-go zone. anyway, all my m8s havent the slightest interest in my work anyway. Even my girlfriend is totally bemussed by it. in one ear out the next. why do i even bother trying to explain! Birds eh? lol.

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Hi all,


I guess you're not alone strat! Got the same feeling here. I just love cga! Teachers wanted me to go to hollywood to do fx, friends wanted me to animate characters, but I do buildings. I just like the mass, the light, the sky... I love recreating these things, designing these small virtual worlds... being god (héhé)


I know the feeling about being attached to a camera and wanting to should over 500 pictures of the sunny reflections on a rooftop or whatever...

Friends even know me as the guy who shows up an hour later when he said 'gonna take a picture, I'll be back in a minute' or the lad who has

has 'schoon/knap gerenderd' (translation "wow, that's a great rendering!") in his daily vocabulairy when talking about the real world, sunsets, reflections on water...


Personally, I think it's not healthy if you can't get suprised/amused anymore. Most people I know, have lost this great skill. Another skill they missed is to train their eye: people just see what they think they see, they don't look!

Being a sfx-maniac, I wonder why it is I can get more touched by very simple, natural things than people who don't get exited by extraordinaire films... but hey... maybe they don't like their jobs (or wives...)


About happiness? I looooooooooovvvveee my job... especially the way it is organised now... Being one of the three partners in our firm is so much nicer than when I was the compuwiz/outcast in the places I worked before. We set directions nowadays, whereas we just did what was told before... I just love to work, read articles about cga, to sketch, to script etc... (I am at the office 10-16 hours a day, 7 days a week (yeah really)...)


So we need one more spot in the obsessed club...





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Hmmm, I thought I was alone with that feeling ...

When I walk somewhere, looking at someting interesting, the first thing coming up in my mind is : "Why does it look like that, and how can I ever recreate it with CGI?"


I don't realy have people to talk abou these things ...

Most of them think I'm crazy biggrin2.gif

The only people I can talk to, about it, are people on the web and IRC.

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