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Does anyone know a way to render one picture over multiple machines using network rendering? I have a scene with 2.300.000 faces and 52 shadow mapped lights and one raytrace light. It just won't render....


anyone some suggestions??



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Hi Quizzy,


We've had this problem too. As far as I know it should have been in the latest max/viz version, but I guess it somehow fell out along the way...


Anyway, we worked around this problem many times by rendering several blow-up's of the final image, i.e. divide the image in 4, 9 or 16 parts and retouch the image together in photoshop.


It's the hard way, I know but since I am reworking some old scripts at the moment I don't have any time left to script that at the moment.

But do remind me of it, I should be able to handle it.





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OK, I'm just going from the help file I had left over from the beta, as I don't have VIZ 4 installed on my work machine, but if you go here you should be able to access the Region Net Render Dialogs.


Rendering menu> Region Net Render

Rendering menu> Print Size Wizard> Click Region Net Render


The feature is called Region Net Render. It's new and I'm almost positve it there. Can comebody confirm this for me?

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