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First and/or Current Car


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I was wondering what people are riding around town in or what they started out in, way back when for some of us!! biggrin2.gif


I had an old Chevy S-10 in my early days. Just a single cab with a V6. Put quite a few miles on it in back in the day.


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I drive a 98 Nissan Maxima GLE. Used to have a 96 Pontiac Sunfire GT, but it was the biggest piece of sh*t on the planet. Did I mention that I hate General Motors and hope they go out of businees? Don't ask or I'll end up wrtting a small novel and probably lose another gasket. ;)

I LOVE Nissan. My next one will be a Pathfinder.

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I have my drivers license, but no car :(

I drinve around with my parents car ...

VW Bora (SDI - 65pk) ---> God damn slow!

Audi 100 Break (tdi - 140 pk) ---> Good force, but damn big!


I have a Honda Dax (29 years old! :) ) thou biggrin2.gif

Not realy a car, but besides my bike, it's the only transport I have of my own...


This is how he looks like:




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First I had a 93' Jetta "Watusi" (in Miami), then I had a little 83' BMW 320i "Plata" (when I moved to Chicago), now I have a Honda Accord V6 EX 2001, "7Leguas" is the greatest ever! (Go for a Honda) biggrin2.gif Here is the link:




btw I like to give a name to all my cars as you can see! :p


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Originally posted by DelfoZ:

This is my car, i dont have monay to overhall it :p send send monay !!! pic


my dairy car r a Century 98 :(

my dram car ( nissan 350z & Audi tt coupe )

Wow, I love that car dude!

Audi TT is nice, but your car is too!

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