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Billing Help needed :)...please...

Guest juanco

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Guest juanco

Hi guys!! hope everybody is doing ok! thanks a lot for this great page, I just discovered 5 minutes ago and Im really exited about it...

This is my first post, hope I'll find some help here...

Ok, the thing is that I am based in Italy, where since not long time ago I've made some works for 3d visualisation...and the things have gone well till the day one Italian-American company asked me to do some work for them...wich I did, and they were really pleased with the output...the thing is that now I don't have a clue how to bill the work...in the sence that I already know how much to charge them (and they know as well, and its ok) but my english is not that great like to do a payment paper where I put price, time and costs of the whole thing...

I've tried to ask many people who's english is better than mine but since the "area" or "field" of the CG "3d arts" is not common among them, they wouldn't have a clue of the terms that should be used in this case...

So I would aprecciate if someone has, I dunno... like a sketch of what should be a billing paper of this kind, if it could be share or at least give me some hints, of the terms I should use....

I know maybe is to much asking, but really I am lost...

Is already a mess giving price for such a thing that I love so much doing. (guess because is priceless for me) Now that I arrived to all this burocracy part is even worst...

well guys take care all, hope to be helpfull for you in the future...

take good care

wish you a wonderfull day



ps:feeling better already :)


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Guest juanco

Jeff: thanks you very very very much for your reply, it's exactly what I needed. great!!...tomorrow monday I am sending early in the morning the e-mail to the clients...


thanks again



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