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about Vray versions and VIZ 4.2


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ok, havent tried Vray yet, not even the free or demo version, so im asking in here for some info before trying.


A friend of mine tried to install some vray version a few months ago (no idea which one, i guess the latest), and hes uses VIZ 4.2, after he installed vray, and tried to run VIZ for the first time, he got 2 errors loading some Vray Pluggins, something like Vraynet50 and vrender50.


Now, he asked about that on the chaos group forums, and someone answered him saying that he needed to install the Max4 version, apparently he was installing the vray Max5 version.


After that i havent talk with him again, but i guess he now uses vray.


Now, my question is:


What is the latest working Vray version for VIZ 4.2?


I thought the newer ones (latest ones) would work for vIZ 4 and Older MAX versions, but apparently you need to install a specific vray version according to your MAX/VIZ version.


Im asking this because on the vrayrender.com site the demo and free versions are 1.09.03n, but there sno point in downloading this newer version if they wont work for my VIZ 4.2

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Hi, Salf.

The problem is really that v4 plugins are not compatible with Max 5 and vice-versa. At all. I't not a Max problem, but a Windows problem (something about new VB versions, I really don't know much about it).You'll have to download Vray for Max 4 to run it with Viz 4.2. Just not sure if they still have it available for downloading, so you might as well check it out.



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thanks for teh reply.


Thats what i though :(


But in the Vrayrender.com site, the only version available for download is the latest one 1.09.03n, which i think works for MAX 6, so i guess it wouldnt work for my VIZ 4.

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Originally posted by Jim Mann:

The demo and the free version are....free!


You have nothing to lose by trying them.



yep, but theres no point in downloading it if it wont work, since is a new version for MAX 6, and that doenst works with my VIZ 4.
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Originally posted by kingeldar:

u should be able to find old FREE or DEMO (of course) using any p2p soft...

Youre right, havent though about it, but then again, i still need someone to answer my first question:


Which is the the "last" working version of Vray for VIZ4?

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