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Opacity with Sketchup?

Craig Ramsay

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I find that a quick and dirty method to get a 'transparent' glass :rolleyes: , is to select the glass and hide it, then select 'show hidden objects' in the view menu. This gives a gridded plane. I use it while discussing the model etc. on screen, and for printing quick modeling proofs.

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yeah, like mentioned 3.0 has opacity textures, just dump it on a plane like a normal texture.


i'm still a student, but use max a lot. sketchup lets me make quick models and its more "fun" than max. its really easy to populate a scene with everthing needed...trees, people, cars, etc. the other big advantage is how it looks- doesnt try to look photo realistic, just looks nice, in a rough prelim way. there also arent all the issues with rendering times, advanced lighting and all that. i can actually 'design' (as all my profs shudder) in sketchup and make changes quickly.


hope this helps,



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