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The most realistic rendering package

Ricardo Borges

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It's Final Render! :-/


Just kidding. They all can make perfect renderings in skilled hands - final render (what I use), Vray, Brazil, or Mental Ray (and others, too).


Go to the forums, ask around, etc., and you will find what's best for you. I chose fR because it was cheap (and came with Final Toon), I got great response from the help on their forum pages, and, finally, they are releasing Service Packs with new goodies and refined parts regularly.

If I were buying new, it'd be between learning Mental Ray with Max 6, Final Render, or Vray - Brazil just costs too much more, imo.


You can't go wrong with any of them, though.

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yes, it's a case of download the demos and try them out for yourself.


the answer - there is no definative 'the most realistic' package out there. All are superb in the hands of a competant artist.


I personally prefer Cinema 4D, but i used to use Viz with Brazil r/s and Vray. Lightscape was probably (and still is in mho) my personal most realistic renderer, but then it was specifically designed for realistic lighting data.


But as i say, today's renderers all do their own special things, but it really is in the hands of the artist im afraid.

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