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Vray distributed net rendering?

Craig Ramsay

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A few things to note about the current distributed rendering.


How it works:


Similar to the way Mental Ray does it, it sends buckets over the network to render. Therefore you can use up to 10 computers to render a single images, and it is being rendered by all the computers at the same time. Each of the buckets has the name of the computer that is rendering it so you can see who is rendering what bucket. So if you have 10 computer each witth 2 processors, you will se 20 buckets rendering your image.


GI and distributed rendering. When using the fast and preferable method of doing GI, where you use irradiance maps and use the single frame mode, this process of the rendering is not distributed.


How do you get around it:


- set the GI the bucket mode... advantage, all the processors will render each of the irradiance maps in the buckets... disadvantage... you will see seams between the buckets... this is really just good for previewing


- calculate the GI on one computer save the irrdiance map and distribute render using the saved map.


- use direct (or bute force)... this is slower, but with 20 procs will end up being faster and look really good.

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