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Following on from the news page, interviews with Igor Knezevic and Jan_Ruben Fischer would be interesting:


Igor Knezevic (International 3D Award for Architectural Visualisation, 2003)

....I intentionally want to break out of simplistic architectural representation of design by making images convey some kind of mood. At the same time I definitely would like to add some real-world architectural ideas and concerns to cinematic environments.
Jan-Ruben Fischer (Architectural CG Scholarship, 2003)

I used 2D photogrammetrical plans and 3D photogrammatrical CAD data of the building parts as reference-material where a surveying has taken place. Where there had been no photogrammetry applied, historical etchings and section plans where used as reference. Additionally an uncountable number of digital photos proved to be very useful for constructing the 3D-geometry. This assured a high level of precision and realism.
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