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call it what it is

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Very nice. The translation is "this is a bug fix".


NewTek is pleased...the release...providing enhanced reliability for existing features.
History lesson:


The earliest electronic computers pre-dated the transistor, of course. They relied upon vacuum tubes and mechanical relays for switching and logic circuits. The relays often had little squarish housings covering them. Sometimes when the machine would malfunction and the techs checked the relays they would find that spiders or other smallish, multi-legged creatures has taken up residence in the relays. Thus, the computer's errors were the result of 'bugs' in the system.


So what does Newtek have to blame their need for "enhanced reliability" on--spiders?

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What exactly were the major problems with Lightwave as a cg platform up until now Ernst?


Lightwave is a software i have long been meaning to purchase - the few times i have played around with the software on windows, i have liked it for modelling.


I have modelled using alot of different softwares and approaches - what do you think of Lightwave as an environment to work with?


What you describe is exactly, what happened with Microsoft and windows 98 - w95 users really should have been entitled to the upgrade as a bug fix, but..... not only did the users of w95 get screwed for new office suites, they had to BUY w98 also.


Microsoft then wonder why 98 was pirated so much!

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