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Siggraph 2003 and CGA party

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You posted the item about the CGA party at Siggraph 2003 this July in San Diago. BTW, weren't we all going to be hangin' in London in July? OK, maybe not.


If I recall, we are not doing a CGarchitect panel this year? Next perhaps? So what sort of attractions are to be had at this year's Siggraph? I've never been to one.

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Hey Ernest,


Yeah I was suposed to go to London in a few weeks, but we just couldn't afford to send both me and my wife, so only she is going. (The joys of supporting your wife while she goes back to school) ;)


Yep no panel this year, ours and many others were cut for some red tape and disorganization reasons. Perhaps next year.


Well SIGGY has lot's to do and I usually find that you can not even come close to doing it all, but as a seasoned SIGGRAPH goer (This will be my 7th consecutive) I can say that the primary reason for going is networking, networking and networking. After that you have a ton of really cool courses, sketches, and papers (if you go for the full package), the trade show floor and emerging technologies exibitions, animation theatres, parties, art diplays, and of course the Electronic Theatre that can not be missed. There is no lack of things to do and whatever you do don't go thinking it will be a nice relaxing break from work, becuase I gurantee you will come back 5 times more tired that you left. :) Between the late night, sensory and information overload and the drinking, SIGGRAPH will fry even the vetrans. One thing you definetly want to do it bring good shoes, cuz you'll be doing alot of walking.


You think you'll be able to make it Ernest?

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