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D Wright on the future of CG and sustainability policies. . .


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(It is a long read,)...



Gt you with a wordy post I am shocked. ;)



David, I think you hit on a really big nerve and something that we all should be talking about right now to help secure our jobs. But not only to secure our work but to make sure we keep doing good work. Most clients I have worked with expect CG images to be just slightly better than that screen saver maze with the bricks. I show them the final they are blown away. Good for me but also if I didn't have better illustators work that I could look at daily (here mostly among a couple others) I would get lazy and my images would suffer. What we need to make sure is that we are all associating oursleves with the top end and ensuring our quality of work and our future.


Another nore:

I guess to me out sourcing to India or 3rd world countries seems like a long shot because I actually meet in person with most of my clients. I think it just is a good way to work. I do get some work from out of state and one project the architect hand drew the plans. Seems like such a way off for the architects I know to be able to contact a firm in Thailand or where ever. But thats just my exp.


I know that I really need to pick up biz skills. I was an experamental theater major in NYU for gods sake! :rolleyes:


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Well, when I was spending 90% of my time doing CG stuff, it was mostly awful shite. But I realise now, that in 1998/99/00/01 I didn't even use the internet! Now that I am out of CG almost completely for the moment, I have got broadband access, which I use for a variety of things, like downloading larger PDF documents, Windows Services packs, drivers.... and speaking to more and more people all the time, through words, images sharing hyperlinks, and so forth. I am now in a much better position than I was a couple of years ago, to expand my awareness of good quality work here at CG Architect and elsewhere. But my time really for introducing VIZ type tools or whatever into everyday Architectural practice has came and went. :-(


Brian O' Hanlon.


P.S. A friend of mine was asked by none other than Tom Mayne of Morphosis in 1997/98 to produce a CDROM (very 1998) of all his building designs in 3D computer format. But having built this wonderful model in MAX, there was no hope given the poor young man's resources, that he could render the damn thing convincingly!


I didn't ask him in particular, why he couldn't just hire it out to a rendering farm. But I suspected the whole ordeal did leave a bad taste in his mouth, so I didn't press much further. Perhaps like myself, as a trained Architect he felt he was being treated as a bit of a geek, and not as an actual designer anymore.

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