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UnWrap3D v2 better?

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Thanks for the news item about UltimateUnwrap3D having a new version. I will get it. The guy that makes that sharware puts out a new version number every few weeks, so its hard to keep current. The program supports about 50 gaming filetypes, so I guess I know where his head is at.


My problem with UU3D is that it is extremely intollerant of DXF files. If there is even one entity of a type it doesn't support dirrectly UU3D will simply refuse to open the file at all, rather than ignoring the entity like most 3D software does. What it doesn't like are text, 2D or 3D lines, or any file written by my modeler. The author suggested opening/saving through AccuTrans, which I have and which works, but I wish he would re-write the DXF import to read your every-day DXF file.


Otherwise, its a great program!

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