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profile extrusions


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Rate Member posted 02-03-2004 05:58 PM


I am using ADT4 to model railings and base wall caps for a stair where standard parts just won't make it.

These include twisted portions which will be hand-"carved" in real life.


When I try to extrude a "complicated" profile (a simple pipe won't do in a traditional English manor!) along my 3d polyline path, it seems to twist so that the "top" is not on top for long!Is there a method to "fix" an axis of the profile in relation to the ucs?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Have had the same problems. My solution is to model, as the stairway will be constructed. Using a polyline at the true botton center of the rails. The poly lines represent individual components, volutes, upeasing, goosenecks and so on. Typically these pieces are constructed on or in a plane. Following a typical piont of the tread nose up the run. Then extrude, using the rail profile, on the poly segments by plane. The most difficult part is making sure, for example, the arc & end pionts for the upeasing are tangent to the common handrail and volute.




The stair parts here were individual polys, then jioned, common plane. Extruded from the gooseneck, because profile and poly were known to be perpendicular. The upeasing at the bottom ended up 1 degree out of plumb, arc and end piont not tangent to volute end piont. What do want for 5 minutes.


When all else fails, I fall back on my trade experience, can you tell? In addition you can set up a stair schedule and verify; size, stock availability, and fit. All based on manufactuer information.


Most likely not the optimum solution. But that is one way to do it. I'm curious to see other ideas too.




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