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Autodesk REVIT 6 US ...

NEVIANS Cedric Architect

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just download it.. now ...

install don't run error DLL !!!

certainly beause US version and my XP is french .. :angesigh:


so ... i see autodesk french people...

say to me that internationnal version (french german and italian) come only on 6.1 version ...


in france we'll be patient ... orangecry

but see some news from 6.0 ...

very interest in ...


any information anywhere ?

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Not at all bigcahunak !! Glad you could join us :)



Nevian Cedric, I agree, it's unfortunate that autodesk didn't have simultaneous release of Revit, and ignored those users who doesn't use English version of XP. I certainly hope Autodesk will get many complaints and improve upon it.



I just downloaded the help files to see what's new, from what I can see, there isn't much improvements that I like to see... areas I like to see it improve on :



1. Easier, faster, and more sophiscated modeling method. eg. MAX/VIZ polygon modeling method (point, edge face), and better lofting/bi-rail/tri-rail methods. Also to be consider, SketchUp like modeling interface for family creation, so you can easily and quickly model with just edge,face and connect the lines to form a solid entity model.


2. A parametric tree window (eg. Houdini/Maya/MAX schematic tree window). This will expose Revit's parametric engine so you can toggle/reconnect/edit the parameters more easily, gives the user more control and hence more POWER.


3. A keyboard shortcut assignment window. It's a hassle to edit the text file so you can use keyboard short cut. I think a GUI interface like Sketchup's wasn't too much to ask.


4. Perspective Window needs to be able to be come editable. Right now, you can't do anything in that window beside some basic command. It should become integrated part of editing/object/model creation process. The 3D window (parallel view) is "okay" right now, but I think most user have difficulty to judge distance, relationship and size in that 3D window.

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