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european version and US version

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hello ..

actually in france with yhave the 5.0 Version


normaly .. the 5.1 version arrives here in few days ...

but i known that 5.1 US is already running..


somebody can say to me wath news in ?

PDF is running?

DWF ? possible ?


my autodesk ressellers say to me normaly, autodesk must arrive in V6.0 also in december 2003..

do you believe it ?


thanks ..


ps : thanks for this forum ... happy happy i'm :angerazz:

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Sorry, We are still running v5.0 over here.

I am anxious to find out those too, as 5.0 had major problem with PDF before.



As for DWF, I am not too hot with the idea of autodesk bringing out another one of it's own format. There was a debate in the Revit Community for and against this particular format. The major point been raised is that, DWF will be a completely new format by autodesk, and it will not be as widely spread as PDF, and there was a sense in community that feels that once DWF is bring out, Autodesk will slowly phase out PDF format and eventually abandon it. That's why there was a lot of opposition against DWF format.




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