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New SketchUp Model Site!

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According to a message from @Last, on the SketchUp board, Objective Networks will become the future repository for all SketchUp models. I think they're planning to move the ones on the SketchUp forums over to Objective Networks at some point, so everything will eventually be in one convenient place.


As for Objective Networks, what do you guys think of their indexing system? I think it needs work, myself. Until the recent construction classifications were added, finding anything was hit and miss, and you get some of the weirdest things in response to a search term. You can be looking for light fixtures and get toilets and sinks! Other than this problem, I think the site is a great idea. Even with the new index, things are still inappropriately indexed. Perhaps once there are actually some components in each classified directory, things will work a little better.



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