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UK salary poll...

Craig Ramsay

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I remember in an old issue of 3D world there was an article about salaries for people working in the UK 3D industry, it gave figures for what you could expect to earn if you were just starting out in a 3D position and also what you could expect to be earning when you have a decent amount of experience.


How about we start a poll to figure out how much us UK guys/girls are earning? It can be completely anonymous and I think it would be really interesting, may even get a few people a wage rise! :)


What do you think?



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a world wide poll?

would be totally irrelevant because....


... a dollar is not equal to a dollar worldwide...


i mean :

in some countries with 1$

(converted to local rates Changerate is irrelevant in what i'm explaining)

you can buy twice or 3x or 10x what u can buy in another country


let's have an simple example

France and Switzerland

in France u can buy 20 or 30% more things with 1$

in switzerland prices are more exepensive

so are Salaries

so if u don't know the prices differences between basic lifenecessary products u can't compare salary from a country to another


Even inside Euro zone in Europe it's impossible

and it will be worst in a few month with da 10 new members...

so how do u want to compare

usa, australia gb france switzerland brazil india indonesia germany russia

(just a few country of members that post a ot here....)


worldwide poll seems irrelevant to me...

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I would think if we did it this way it would help us to see the averages in our own countries. Knowing that there is differences in currency, I probably would pay attention to the many of the other contries averages. I just think it would be a way to give everyone their average without doing multiple polls.

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I like the idea. Since I am looking for a job nowadays. I want to get an idea about the salaries in US.


I think it should be simple... May be like this


What is your position ? 3d modeler, architect, Animator

What is your country ? US, Canada, UK, France,Other

What is your yearly income approx. US$ ?

Do you think that your income is... higher than average, average, too low

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the point presented by Kingeldar is quite important, in fact this poll (globalization Version), can be irrelevant if we dont settle a group of important basic products (like meat-kl/price; potatoes, music CD,etc.. ).

I'm sure that doing this, whe can understand better how some of us can practice lower prices etc..


then i can decide if i stay in or i move into Recife !!

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