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Lightscape Scripts for max


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I am currently working on some Lightscape tools using maxscript. At work we are making the transition from Lightscape to MAX. We have a huge Lightscape block library and want to be able to use them in Max. I have created the following scripts to help us out. These scripts are available as is and I am not resposible for any problems that may occur from using them. These scripts have been tested on 3dsmax 5 and 6. If you would like to use these tools as well you can download them from the following links:


Lightscape Block Importer




-instructions on my site



Please read the About rollout on the interface for known Limitations.

If there are ANY problems with the scripts please let me know so i can make them better.

If you have any ideas for new Lightscape tools you would like to see please contact me and I'll see what I can do.




Mark Olson

to contact me please send me a private message through this forum or use the email address provided in the Interface.

---edited to fix URL Links---

---edited April 4th updated Plugin---

---edited April 5th added instructions---

---edited Sept. 15 added new version---

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I have updated this plugin. It now will support Blend and Cutout materials. It is programmed better and mapping is improved. Compatibility is also improved when using older .blk files. There was also a problem with import blk files with blocks that had no entities in them. this has been fixed.


glad you like it. I have wished for a plugin to do this for a long time as well. I started learing maxscript and thought that i could tackle this.


Sorry Chen,

The max camera path is a different animal than the lightscape .la file.



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yes,Max can export view files

but you know one path maybe have 500views,god

in lightscape,you have to add 500 views in rendering setup,hand will be crazy


thanks again

BTW,if can let lightscape radiosity with 2 or more CUP.not lsray,my mean lsrad


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