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real or not...????

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we received this email last night....


maybe it is real, but i am doubtful. extremely nice work, but running their portfolio out of a yahoo suitcase? ...not to mention the insanely low price?


....and i am positive i have seen some of the images on this board before.... if i am wrong, and it is someone on the board, and this is legit, i will ask that the post be removed.


link to portfolio... http://f2.pg.briefcase.yahoo.com/renderingsample


image that i know i have seen here before....






Dear Sir/Madam:



We are in Cincinnati area and would like to provide great 3d modeling, rendering and animation services for your practice at very affordable price and very quick turnaround.



Price starts from:



$300 for an interior view rendering;



$300 dollars for a street view rendering;



$400 dollars for an aerial view rendering.



Please double-click the web link below for additional samples:




We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you!






William Wang

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It's been discussed before in this forum: work coming in from countries with lower per capita incomes, has been undercutting the North American Market. This fellow could well be an agent for many Chinese Renderers.


There is an award winning digital rendering company in Toronto that has destroyed the market price locally, doing just this sort of thing. An assignment is worked on 24 hours a day by bouncing back and forth between China and Toronto during differing waking hours. The job is completed more quickly and far more cheaply than anyone working the customary way.

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Yes, it is Dayluxe that I'm referring to. I met the couple recently at an awards banquet. they sat next to me at the dinner table and they both spent the entire time connected to their laptops, very state of the art stuff. They never stopped working for a minute. Lovely people though, really.


I was told that they run a sweat shop and yes, they have no shortage of takers who wish to work for them. The heresay is that they'll charge up to $1500 less than others on, say a high rise rendering which would normally fetch $3500 to $4500.


But they do not appear to take the easy road themselves. I've never seen such a fury of work at a social occasion.

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