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LCDs and aspect ratios

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I'm about to buy a 19" LCD display... thing that bothers me is the 1280x1024 resolution, wich does not have the correct aspect ratio, at least not on my current CRT. I mean, draw a circle in a cad program, and it looks like an ellipse.

Do LCDs fix this in some way, or is the incorrect ratio something you have to live with?

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lcds look like crap in anything but their native resolution of 1280x1024

but dont worry about the odd aspect ratio

a circle still looks round in max.

make sure your lcd is 16 ms as their are lots around that are 25 and more

all wireframes ghost really bad at 25ms when zooming or panning.

we have a dual 17 inch at 16 ms and a dual 19 inch at 25 ms

i would rather work on the 17 and have a smaller size than the ghosting.

tomshardware.com has a recent comparison of 16 ms 19 inch

so go and check them out first.

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1) Tomshardware is a fraudulent site. Avoid taking anything they say with anything more then a grain of salt. Never trust the site, and always confirm their data with other websites before making a purchase decision.


a) They falsify data

b) They have been sued for criminal slander

c) They make up reports and claim to have chips/processors which they don't.

d) All the original editors, including mr pabst himself, have left the site.


They even recently blundered again by making up an entirely new P4 stepping, which was completely false.


Their also extremely biased against AMD, as Intel co-exists within their building, and Intel's HQ is basically across the street.


Anyway back to the topic at hand... (Measurements are in inches)


11 h x 13.75 w (17 inch LCD) or 1.25 aspect, which is 1280x1024


9.6 h x 13 w (17 inch CRT) or 1.333 aspect, which is 1280x960.


(Btw I know the aspect here comes out to be 1.35, but i was using a semi crude measuring device, its SUPPOSED to be 1.33)


The proportions of an LCD are more squarish then an CRT, which is why you don't get the oval shapes on a LCD with a 1280x1024 resolution, but you do on a CRT with the same res.


Aka as with most things...the rules only apply to like technologies, not opposing.

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really? toms hardware are dodgy?

hmmm didnt know

they seemed proffessional in their reviews


whats a good hardware site you recommend greg?



outfitting our studio with lcd's was a good move i believe.

no radiation, no flicker and headaches (which i was always getting with dual crt's) sooo much deskspace

and it looks very sexy. clients go nuts over our setup.


downside....colours arent accurate...changes depending on where you look from.

upside on that is when the client says "make it lighter" we can now tell him to just move his head :)


just kidding...a good crt around can be helpful for colour accurate projects

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Ya toms is hella dodgy. They started it up about 2 or so years ago, when they were first caught falsifying data and claims. Always check their reviews with alternate sites.


Here's some websites, as per the sticky.

Remember, never make a decision from a single site visit. Always visit a group of sites to cancel out any particular sites biases.











http://www.frostytech.com (heatsinks)


And a truely unique site...



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Thanks you all for replies... things ar much clearer now.


I' in the process of selecting the right LCD now and I'm basicallly down to EIZO, Sony, or Samsung... having seen all the reviews and price ranges.

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Have you guys seen this review?






At 21.3", the Samsung SyncMaster 213T LCD monitor is the largest display in this roundup. LCD response time is 25ms, average for this group of displays. Only two units offered faster response times.


My god, get a load of this one! :0



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