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Exterior street scene - Brazil renderer


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Hi all


Im trying my first Brazil scene and Ive picked a big project to learn on!


Im modelling a street scene, houses, roads, sky dome, etc.


Im starting to play around with the render setting for brazil. Im used to using brazil but for product renders not so much for architectural stuff.


I was hoping the knowledge base could give me some good ideas for best lighting, sun, sky, and any other helpfull info on the subject.

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Hey Mark,


Basically all I really do for exterior scenes is stick a direct light in for the sun (slightly yellow/orange) and skylight (slightly blue colour). Depending on your scene you may not even need any secondary GI bounces which will speed things up for you.


Try that as a start and let us know how you get on :)



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Thanks Craig,


I have used a blue skylight for direct illumination, and a yellew/orange direct for the sun. thats good. But not sure about shadows and which type to use?


Could you explain the view rate and sec rates to me. I have always left them at 15, 5, the default i think. Then for good render, used 1,2 image samp, and -1, 1 for shade rate. Which method is the best for speed and quality?

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