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What are your initial memories of using a computer. . .

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I remember in 1986 doing a drawing of David Letterman on my Mac and I remember my first experiance in 3D on an SGI using Wavefront in 1993. Having to do all my modeling and texturing in one program and then placing them in another program to light and set up the camera. The program was not able to hold all your models in one scene and the light linking was tedious to type in all the light names and model names. We had to render one interior with multiple scene setups, one scene for the walls, one for furniture, one for carpet, etc. and them composite them with a script file in a unix shell, not to mention there was no undo command-Z in Wavefront, try that today. The paint program was horrible also and the undo only worked 5% of the time. I'm getting phisically ill just thinking of those days.



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