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MR & shadows weird problem


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Hi all..i done an animation with max 6 using as renderer MentalRay , one skylight and a MRAreaSpot. The problem is:

If i render ONE single frame of the animation, suppose frame #26, the shadows will be displayed correctly.

If I render the whole animation (1000 frames), and i look at frame 26, i notice that the shadows are disappeared.Yes, true..no shadows on the white plane.

I tried to reset the scene and build a simple scene with 2 boxes falling over a plane..and the result is the same: single frame render >> shadows visible

animation frame render >> shadows not visible.

Is this a bug or i've done something wrong? The scene isn't too complex so i suppose there is something weird in this...if any1 can help me or if any1 can do for me a test on MR and max 6 about those f***in shadows..

Those are the rendering:

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shadows ray traced or d-maps?

in the "renderer" tab of the render scene window what is your shadow mode set at? (I have seen glitches when set to "segments", but simple should work)



What do you mean for Raytraced shadows or d Maps? Are you talking about Displacement Mapsor whatelse? The MRAreaSpot do not cast shadows while the skylight cast em. I am using GlobalIllumination a skylight and a MRAreaSpot and the shadow parameters in the renderer rollout are set at simple. Still don't know what is my problem...Other that that i notice MR rendering shows glitches everywhere in the shadows and can't fix it with photon radius and other GI settings. The only way to have decent smooth shadows is to increase the GI settings with its rendering time increase. Are there some settings i am ignoring to fix those shadows problems and how to render out an animation if in the final animation rendering it won't render out the shadows? Thanks all for the support...

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