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I just downloaded the xfrog demo & with a handful of the images I am just getting sticks. The viewport shows leaves on the trees but I cannot render them. Other files just render as a thick line. I tried to contact the greenworks folks but no answer.


Then some of the files work - Gerbera daisy is really beautiful. I tried to create a bouquet with 3 flowers and rendering was over 3 hours! Is that typical?


This was with max 5 & vray advanced on a dual 1.8 gig xeon.




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You've got to look at the poly count of the models. The XFrogs I have are really great models, but outrageous render times!


You can use their software to lower the resolution or use the Optimize modifier and play with what will be acceptable.


It is a shame that the models are so nice, but so hard to use.

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