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Any Bodypaint users here?

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Im thinking of investing in the Bodypaint module. is there anyone else here that uses it for arch. viz? what do you think of it?




I have it, but haven't gotten to use it much. Like most of C4D it is a bit odd, but once learned I think it will be useful.


But the question is--do you think you will need to be using a lot of 3D mapping, UV stuff? You may not really need it. Regular mapping works for almost all situations in arch. vis. I want to work with maps on cars and people models, change them. That's why I bought it.

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I have Bodypaint also and have used it on a couple of projects. It's really a powerful tool.


The best advantage is the raybrush tool which gives you a realtime preview of the texture you are painting. Plus you can paint on the 3D object or the UVW mesh with instant feedback.


The layers are similar to photoshop layering and include layer masking. You can paint in all of the C4D material channels individually or at the same time with one brush.


There are many, many more advantages than I'm stating here.

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Thanks for your input guys.


ive been working through the demo, and i am finding that it may just be better to stick with mapping for now.


now when i can get a break from buildings and get a chance to do car modeling, it would be really cool to have.



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Hi jntdigital,


I have BP2 and well to be honest I don't use very much, but all times that I used it was really practical (improve textures, UVmapping for complex object, wood textures)... so by the end is a really must to have tool.


I continue to use PSD (Photoshop) to paint texures... don't aks me why just is so long time that I use it... I work faster on it, but when I need to apply this texture and correct some minor mistakes (due to the UV cordinates) is essential to work with body paint.


If you have acces to the video tutorial of body paint you will immediately understand why BP is an essential companion.


Just a personal poitn of view...


jdd (jddog)

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