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How to create thached roof


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I'm doing a resort view in Maldives near india... I want to create a thached roof structure.... can anyone help me in creating a thached roof... is there any tutorial or material for thached roof...


thanks in advance...


sorry for my english...



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Two things:


You can either do it with layered opacity maps / layer opacity planes.


Or, if your renderer affords it, do some displacements.


Three...if you consider purchasing a 3rd party plugin such as shag-fur/hair

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I tried with opacity maps... but the material which i have is not looking good...


moreover the ends are not looking good... here is the basic image which i dit... comments pl... and also give tips on how to improve it...



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yes you can do it.

use ORIEN-NAYER-BLINN shader material.

roughness = 50-100


in the diffuse channel use a good map and use the inverted selection in for the opaciy map. Deeper in the bitmap properties under Coordinate, make sure you use 0.1 -0.01 for BLUR.


then change this map a bit in photoshop and copy same thing in different layers. One layer will not do this effect.


Also I noticed your roof is too sharp at edges. They are not in real life, so you need to model it accordingly, so chamfer those sharp edges.


I have to do something similar these days, so I will post my results.





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Like visualasylum said: "Also I noticed your roof is too sharp at edges. They are not in real life, so you need to model it accordingly, so chamfer those sharp edges."


I have also worked on some thatched roofs (they called them "palapas"). I got some good results from chamfering all the edges quite a bit so that you get the effect of the thatching draping over the supports. Then, I hunted on the internet for some pics of palapas with lots of contrast. The secret is to scale the map slightly larger than in real life. This way, the thatching reads a little better and doesn't look ambiguous. When you have applied this great texture, I would recommend mesh-smoothing/or tesselating your faces within reason and then putting a noise modifier on your mesh. Play with the noise until you get something that roughly matches your texture. If you get in close to the underside of the hut, I would recommend keying out some images of palm fronds with a good broken up edge and then placing this texture on a plane and duplicating the plane around the bottom edges to get a nice rough edge to your hut.


Good Luck



You can see an example of how mine turned out at: http://members.dslextreme.com/users/joelburbage/demo

Disclaimer on reel: All of these projects were lit, produced by myself at a previous studio. In the majority of the shots, all of the work was done by myself with a few props outsourced. (like chairs, etc.) In the last project, the buildings were built by another firm, but I textured, lit, cleaned up the model, etc. Also, in the last project shots only, the birds and people were animated by a fellow animator only because of time constraints. However, it is overall, an accurate representation of my work.

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