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Hi All, long time ago in 1998 I finished my first actual 3D project, back then, not being sure that my hobby will turn into professional career I did not care much about making a backup copy of all the stuff I was making, then renderings were gone with next scheduled computer upgrade. Of cause later I regretted that I deleted my very first project's renders.

A day ago friend of mine found his old computer while cleaning his garage, for some reason he decided to check what's on the hard drive and found my rendering, I remember I was exchanging files with him via FIDO NET to show the 3D quality of my works, turned out he did not delete files.

Well, I am absolutely happy that after 12 years, my old renderings found a way back to me :)

Check them out, aren't they great? :))), these were done on IBM 386, 4Mb RAM, 3D Studio for DOS.

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