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Hey Abdulkarim,


I think what the image lacks is contrast. everything is bright. including the shadowed areas. I would try and get some levels adjustment in photoshop. Also, the greens need to be more "equalized" throughout the scene. I know that, in reality, plants tend to have pretty different shades of green depending on the species, but it makes a lot of sense for artwork to have the greens in a closer hue range. The camera angle is interesting, but could improve for example in the general way in which the building gets framed. You could use a little bit more room on the top of the frame so that you show the whole top of the building and then some sky there. The sky could use some variation, seems to be a flat color now. try and add a gradient at least.

These are just the initial thoughts i would change in it, but i understand how time constraints go.

I hope this helps.

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