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Object only visible to specific camera?

Tim in Hollywood

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I have a 3ds max scene with ten cameras.


Along with my ten cameras, I have an object that should be visible only from its specific camera.


For example, when rendering, I have the main scene, 10 objects, and 10 cameras.


I want Camera01 to see the main scene and Object01 (not Object02-10).

I want Camera02 to see the main scene and Object02 (not Object01 or Object03-10).

I want Camera03 to see the main scene and Object03 (not Object01-02 or Object 04-10).



Is there a way to accomplish this?




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There isn't a way to do it by object names, unless you write yourself a custom maxscript that parses through a scene and hides/unhides object at rendertime based on a case statement to the selected camera.


The easier route would be to setup up your different groups on different layers. Then use that batch render dialog to program what cameras render with which scene states. Then it's just a matter of setting up your scene states to turn on and off the proper layers. Only downfall to this idea is that I've found changing layer configurations with the scene state manager only works really well after it's initially setup. When you start editing your scene afterwards and perhaps adding more layers, it screws up the initial saved settings.

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A way I have done things that are only needed for one camera, but not the other, is to animate the objects into view, and then out of view when not needed. You can easily and quickly keyframe objects (or dummies and link your objects to them) so they are below the scene when not needed, then in view when needed. All you do then is use the correct camera, and render on the correct frame.


I find this easier and quicker than layers, xref, scripts, etc, it just needs to be organised to avoid and **** ups.


Hope that makes sense!?



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nice one dean, I may have to give that one a try some time.


At first I didn't like where you were headed with the concept till you mentioned linking the objects to a dummy and only key framing the dummy. That part's a nice touch rather than specifically keying every object. Linking is quicker.

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