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monitor advice needed

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Hi Dave, it depends a lot on your budget but i post you some advices :


NEC - MultiSync PA231W (about 860€)

LACIE - starts from 900€ (very good IPS)


Other way you can choose a good LCD/LED panel, not IPS. Prices will drop down easily :)

Here in studio we have 2 dell U2410 and i can tell you they are the best monitor i've ever used.

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As a side note...


Are those wide gamut monitors? From my experience high or wide gamut monitors can make it more difficult to match colors when rendering in Max because Max is not color aware, and you really need your applications to be color aware when working in a wide gamut color space.


3dsMax and Internet Explorer/Firefox/Chrome all the offenders that cause problems for me, all adobe products excel in color managed spaces. There is an extension for Firefox, but from what I can tell, it isn't perfect.


EDIT: All that said, wide gamut will get you a lot closer to Adobe RGB color space, but I just find it frustrating that their are still important graphic related apps that struggle to properly take advantage of ICC profiles. This prohibits perfect consistent color of textures into Max.

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I'm looking for a good 24" monitor that's not dell or HP? Ive seen the Samsung p2450h and a 23" Samsung led.


Anyone any suggestions


Funnily enough I got a Samsung p2450h delivered yesterday - im yet to unpack it and its for home use.

Im not expecting much for £180 (however it is good value) for modelling / editing / web stuff it will be fine. If you calibrate it it wont be bad i reckon.

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Attached is an image that shows the color space you can get with a high/wide gamut monitor.


The green triangle is sRGB color space, and I believe roughly what most standard monitors will display, though I am guessing on that.


The red triangle represents the color space my Dell Wide Gamut monitor is capable of displaying. The purple triangle represents the color space of Adobe1998.


As you can see my monitor can match the extents of the reds in Adobe1998 fairly closely, and the blue isn't to bad. Unfortunately my monitor has along way to go to display the full extent of Adobe1998 greens.

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thanks for the advice guys, i will be calibrating my monitors soon. Didn't end up going for either of these. I've now got some iiyama monitors sat on my desk which I'll be testing. They were cheap so I'm not expecting much but initial reaction is that they are doing exactly what I need. Colour calibrating them will now doubt tell me otherwise :) in which case they are going back to the shop.


As for Dell and HP, they are good yes but also about £300 dearer than the original monitors i mentioned. Double that cost increase as I've got 2 of them and I just couldn't justify that price hike just yet.

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