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Lovely render in NY times today


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thought the casual browsers here might like this, the rendering at the header has a wonderful quality to it - http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/16/business/16build.html?hpw



Very interesting read as well.


"He says he has sensed some resentment or jealousy among some talented Chinese architects. “However,” he says, “I believe the majority of them really understand and respect” the American architects’ role. "


I've found this notion of using western archtiects in China interesting for the past couple years. I've always wondered why Chinese developers would want to have a firm with no cultural, urban, or spatial knowledge of the space, to do architecture there. To me it Seems a bit un-responsible by the developers and also by architects in America. How do you design something from the other side of the world and have it fit into various urban contexts? It's obviously, the way of things and it makes sense to take the business, but I'm not always sure it's the right thing to do. Maybe an interesting discussion :)


I've heard anecdotally (from an artist friend of mine who practiced there for many years), that theres this sense of 'we need western influence' embedded in the attitudes of the chinese, but it's not always openly apparent of the surface. Haven't ever been so can't say for myself, but interesting none the less.

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