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environment issues with transparent objects


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I really am having trouble trying to perfect the environment for my scene. I am using mr sun and mr sky and transparent or cut out objects keep returning a solid black color (when I put my glass on an independent layer and turn it off, the background is fine). I am using a sky bitmap that I want to be independent of mr photographic exposure so I uncheck "process background and environment maps" and it returns the exact map. I prefer to set my background and tailor my lighting to match, especially for interiors where I want the exterior sky to be seen and not washed out. The problem occurs with both a bitmap in the environment map slot, and mr physical sky in the environment map slot with a bitmap custom background. Another issue I'm having is with the mr physical sky w/ custom background, reflections only return the physical sky not the bitmap. I'm really just searching for a solution where I can have an enviroment be properly viewed straight, in reflection, and in refraction. I've read countless forum and blog posts trying to search for a good solution and have come up with nothing.



glass on



glass off

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