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CGarchitect & ASAI Charity Auction for Japan Tsunami Victims

Jeff Mottle

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Hi all,


I’m sure you have been following the events over in Japan and the devastation they have endured. A few days ago I got an email from the current President of the ASAI (American Society of Architectural Illustrators) Masaaki Yamada giving the ASAI members an update on the situation over there and to let everyone know he was ok. He’s based in Tokyo. In that email he mentioned that a few of the ASAI members would be donating signed original watercolor artwork that they could auction off and donate the proceeds towards the relief efforts in Japan. This inspired both CGarchitect and the ASAI to take this to the next level to organize a much larger auction of artists’ work, software, services and hardware etc. in our industry. CGarchitect and the ASAI are in a unique position in that we can access large numbers of people in the industry, so we want to take advantage of that ability to help the relief effort. I have emailed many of my contacts and have so far received around $11,000 in software donations to be auctioned off on in about a week.



If you would be willing to donate software (full versions, entourage, plugins etc), hardware, services, your own signed artwork etc, please see the information at the bottom of this email for how to do this. We are going to push to have everything up for auction. All of the proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross to support the relief efforts in Japan. We will be promoting this auction throughout the CG community(VFX, Games, Architecture etc), on CGarchitect and on the various industry organizations like the ASAI. Of course any help you can provide to promote the effort would be greatly appreciated as well.





If you would be willing to donate something to this auction, please email me (jmottle@cgarchitect.com) with the following information:


1) 1) What item(s) you would be willing to donate

2) 2) The MSRP value of the items you can donate (if applicable)

3Pr 3) Product box shots and product information about the product you are donating or high res versions of your artwork.

4) 4) A URL that we can use to link back to your website for more information (if applicable)



Thanks for your support!


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