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little sparkle noise ...


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Studio/Institution: pdw
Genre: Commercial Interior
Software: 3ds max vray photoshop
Website: http://no website

Hello Everyone


i am still working on that project ...just ameliorate it at is best ...

I know that the background is not ok ... i will fix it ...


its been a while that i have been in front of that situation and now i really would like to know how to fix it ... '' the noise '' the litte sparkle everywhere ... i would like to reduce it ... i have put the vray light subdivision to 20 ... So when i use photoshop I hit just one time the sharpen tool ... and the effect is nicer ...the edges are better .. but another problem come out ... the noise ....


what could i do ? have anyone else have been trought this ? I would be so helpfull

if i could have some advide to finally remove all that noise and still use that sharpen

thanks so much for taking the time


the first image is without photoshop

second one is with it

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Try increasing the DMC max rate in the Image Sampler, which in turn will increase your render time, but you will get a cleaner result. Try increasing it with increments of 4 or 5 and see where it gets you. I'm assuming you have the noise threshold in the DMC sampler set lower than 0.01, which is the default. Try setting that to 0.005 before increasing the max rate in the Image Sampler.

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Love all the details! Small recommendation... The cans and all the small things along the wall. Rotate some of them just so they look a little different cause right now they are the exact same. Past that I love it. I agree with FreakyDroid above so you can get rid of any artifacts, but great job over all!

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