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Self Service on Fox Render Farm


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Fox Render Farm is a self-service render farm based on cloud-computing technology. We support rendering scenes in 3dsmax and Maya and rendering as Mental Ray, Vray, Final Render, Maxwell and many other engines. We are currently developing support to allow a variety of other formats to be used.


Reasons to choose Fox Render Farm:

a) Over 300 servers, each 16 cores and 24GB RAM

b) 24/7 online rendering service provided;

c) 24/7 technical support;

d) $0.05/Ghz;

e) Intelligent recognition of the version and renderer of scene file;

f) Web-based control panel;

g) Without any queuing;

h) Automatic detection of any missing textures and mesh files;

i) Automatic rendering process;

j) Automatically download rendered result;

k) Automatically calculate render time and charges;


With low price and high quality, Fox Render Farm will provide you with a satisfied service!

Register now, you can get a free trial!



Website: http://www.foxrenderfarm.com/

Email: service@foxrenderfarm.com


Instant Contact:



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