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Post Finance Headquarters


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Studio/Institution: Visu'l
Client: Swiss Post
Genre: Commercial Interior
Software: c4d,vray & Photoshop
Website: http://www.visu-l.ch/

hey guys,

If you saw my last post you'll know that I've built this model to allow our graphic designers to see their signage in the 3D space...


I've been working on this group of renders for about a week and a bit, and, well its all starting to look the same to me. so i thought id open it up to the lot of you...


I like the saturation and that but i feel that somethings missing...

do any of you have any ideas?

uh Im mainly asking for post render ideas, as I've just spent from 8:30 this morning rendering 29 images... now i need to grade and that... but Im rambaling...

Input Please...



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You can use a few simple filters to add a little depth and color to the image. This took me about 1 minute to do so if you need to do it to many images, this might be a good way to go about it.


Make sure you only have one layer - your image. Copy it twice. To the first copy, go to Filter-Artistic-Neon Glow. Make the glow yellow or orange, and glow size 8, brightness 16. Change the layer to an overlay and adjust opacity if you want. To the second copy, go to Filter-Blur-Gaussian Blur. Make the blur big enough so that you start to lose the details in the scene but not completely blurred. Also make this layer an overlay and adjust the opacity accordingly.


Once you get something you like, you can flatten the image and apply some vignetting to the corners. Filter-Distort-Lens Correction, change vignette settings.


You can also adjust the color balance under Image-Adjustments-Color Balance.


Good luck!

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Cheers man,

yeah i had a go at changing colour levels and adding multiplyed images to get more contrast,

but it looks like the client wants different angles so... il just use this shot for my portfolio...

thanks for your help anyway...


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It's not bad, I personally think you should add a little bit more warmth to the image. A little bit more red and yellow perhaps, it'll help make the office more inviting. Have you thought about adding people? If you are making this a portfolio piece, I would spend some time and really make it outstanding. A couple people might help scale the very large reception desk. Also, the ceiling should be redone to include lights and the map you used is too large of a scale, it's blotchy. Same for the ground. Hope I'm not being too harsh. The image looks good, just spend some more time with it in max.

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