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Ahhhhhhhhh.......Interior Rendering....Please Help


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Now I am sure some of you are going to roll your eyes because this question has been asked SOOOOOOOOOO many times. But I am going thru the forums and reading as much as I can, but there is so much it is overwhelming. I think my brain can not retain that much info at once. So I guess I will get to the point now.


I am starting my first ever interior rendering. So I am not asking any real technical questions at this point. But I was wondering which way I should go. Should I stick with VIZ 4 and use the radiosity solution, or should I use VRayfree?


So I do plan on using the photometric lights. But are there any problems using those and also using the IES files from lighting manufacturers? Any pointers would be very appreciated. Thank you for your time and any comments.

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i also new in rendering interior. currently i still trying to figure out how to set up lighting for interior. if u use viz 4 or max 5/6 i suggest u to try radiosity. try to read the reference supply by it's packed. u may search with keywords =radiosity, reflectance and transmittance and u will know what to do.

sorry i am still very new in 3D so can't help alot.


good luck :)

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I also Recomend to go with radiosity, costs a little more time, but its part of the learning curve, once u dominate radiosity (by the way is very easy but tricky, stick to the tutorials) u can go to vray...


i start with radiosity and the go to vray...


good luck



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