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Once again im sorry to keep asking questions, but I've tried finding this out myself but I cant.


What Im looking to do is a bit of texturing. So my presumption would be to use the Render to Texture dialogue box. From my understanding (and common sense) the render button should render out the texture.. but its not.


Now im not sure if im not doing somthing right or if its a problem with my copy of Viz but nothing happens when I do this.


Just as a test I have made a new scene with a simple box in it and ive tried to unwrap that but nothing happens. The Unwrap Only button adds a Automatic Flatten UV's modifier to the stack but I still cant manage to render out that texture.


Any pointers in the direction im going wrong would be helpful.




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1. Make sure you select what you want to render to texture

2. Make sure you have the destination designated (where the textures will be saved)

3. Make sure you have specified what type of map you want (Diffuse, shadow, etc.)

4. I'd just leave the lower options on the default, or to make a Shell material.


Then hit render! You should see a square window pop up that begins to render the textures, unwrapped (they'll look pretty cool).

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