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Hello people of CGArchitect.com! :)


I've been around here recently and have posted 16 posts so far, but I realized that I didn't introduce myself and I thought that it was pretty impolite of me to do so, so I apologize and I want to introduce myself right now:


I am Milos(Millosh), I am 22 years old and I am from Serbia.

I've been into CG for around 5-6 years altogether. I use Autodesk Maya, Pixologic Zbrush, Adobe Photoshop, Vray(recently), Mental Ray(trying to never use it ever again :D).

Somehow I've recently chosen to try myself in the field of Archviz as it seems like one of the most interesting and inspiring areas of the 3D design. I feel I might have "an eye for it" as I am extremely picky and have always been paying attention on the way lighting works especially when it comes to a bright summer daylight which I've been always impressed by so much :)

So I have decided to SERIOUSLY give it a try.


I also must say that SO FAR I've been really impressed by the community, it is definitely into the top 5 forums that I have ever visited when it comes to the attitude of the people. Everybody is eager to help, everybody is easy-going, nobody made a war out of my MR vs VR posts, whatsoever they made me realize that I was wrong about many things, and made me start using Vray instead of Mental Ray which was probably one of the best decisions I took when it comes to CG.


Best regards to you all! :)



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